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About NetBSD/i386

NetBSD/i386 is the port of NetBSD to generic machines ("PC clones") with 32-bit x86-family processors. It runs on PCI-Express, PCI, and CardBus systems, as well as older hardware with PCMCIA, VL-bus, EISA, MCA, and ISA (AT-bus) interfaces, with or without math coprocessors.

NetBSD/i386 was the original port of NetBSD, and was initially released as NetBSD 0.8 in 1993.

NetBSD/i386 News

2007-11-15: 80386 support removed
Support for the 80386 processor has been removed as this processor doesn't have the necessary instructions for efficient operation of a modern Operating System. Also, there are going to be very few systems of this age that still function and the ones that do would have a very hard time with a modern version of NetBSD.
2007-01-07: Xbox support integrated into -current
Microsoft Xbox support has been integrated into -current by Andrew Gillham and Jared D. McNeill. A bootable ISO image, sample root filesystem, and instructions are available on the NetBSD ftp server here.
2006-04-09: binary packages for i386 available
Manuel Bouyer announced the availability of new binary packages for NetBSD/i386 2.1 and 3.0 on The packages were built from the latest branch pkgsrc-2006Q1.
2003-10-23: pmap(9) improvement
Niels Provos has changed i386 pmap(9) in -current to use a splay tree instead of linked lists, thereby made fork(2) scale much better as the number of processes increases.

Archive of NetBSD/i386 news items