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Copyright Information

NetBSD WWW Site Copyright

Except where otherwise noted, the contents of this server are Copyright (©) 1994-2023 by The NetBSD Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.

Code Copyright and Licensing information

Please see this page for details regarding the copyright and licensing terms under which The NetBSD Foundation releases their code.

The NetBSD logo

The NetBSD Flag image was drawn as an entry in the NetBSD logo contest. Ownership of the image was transferred to The NetBSD Foundation and the image and any parts thereof are Copyright (©) 2004 by The NetBSD Foundation. All rights reserved. Permission to use the NetBSD logo is subject to the terms and conditions in the NetBSD Logo Usage Guidelines.

NetBSD Logo Usage Guidelines

  1. Definition of terms.

    The NetBSD Logo is the copyrighted graphic artwork at http://www.NetBSD.org/images/NetBSD.png.
    The Powered by NetBSD logo is the copyrighted graphic artwork at http://www.NetBSD.org/images/powered-by-NetBSD.png

  2. The NetBSD Logo.

    1. Non-commercial use. The NetBSD Project hereby licenses The NetBSD Logo for non-commercial products and non-commercial web sites. Acceptable non-commercial use of The NetBSD Logo includes:

      • As a logo to identify NetBSD-related web pages, e.g. if licensee is a NetBSD user or NetBSD supporter,
      • As a logo to identify NetBSD-related content in presentations given at conferences.

      The following use of The NetBSD Logo is not acceptable, and no license is granted for such use:

      • Use is unrelated to The NetBSD Foundation, to The NetBSD Project, or to the NetBSD operating system,
      • The logo is used in a detrimental way for The NetBSD Foundation.

      The NetBSD Foundation reserves the right to revoke this license at any time.

    2. Commercial use. The NetBSD Foundation is under certain circumstances willing to license The NetBSD Logo for certain commercial products, services, and web pages. To inquire about the commercial use of The NetBSD Logo, please send email to with a description of the product, service, or web site, indicating where and how you'd like to use The NetBSD Logo.

  3. The Powered by NetBSD Logo. The NetBSD Project hereby licenses The Powered by NetBSD Logo for commercial and non-commercial products and web sites provided that they are powered by the NetBSD operating system or make use of the pkgsrc packages system. The NetBSD Foundation reserves the right to revoke this license at any time.

  4. Additional Legal Terms and Conditions. Any reprinting, sublicensing, modifying, publishing, assignment, transfer, sales, or other distribution of The NetBSD Logo and The Powered by NetBSD Logo, in parts or as a whole, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of The NetBSD Foundation. The NetBSD Logo and The Powered by NetBSD Logo are to be used "as it appears" and must not be cut up or materially altered without prior written permission of The NetBSD Foundation. Any copyright notice, digital watermark or proprietary legend contained in or on the logo must not be altered or removed. Unauthorized copying of the NetBSD logos or failure to comply with any of the terms, restrictions, conditions, or limitations herein will result in automatic termination of this non-exclusive license. These terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice.

NetBSD Daemons Copyright

The NetBSD Daemons image and any parts thereof are Copyright (©) 1994 by Shawn Mueller. All rights reserved. Non-commercial and personal use of the images is permitted, provided that it remains unmodified. Mass production, commercial use, or use of a modified copy of the image requires explicit written permission. Permission may be obtained by writing to:



BSD Daemon Copyright

BSD Daemon Copyright (©) 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to use the daemon may be obtained from:



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