NetBSD Consultants for hire

On this page you will find a list of consultants (developers, system administrators, systems integrators, etc) available for hire, and those looking for developers for specific NetBSD related projects. If you would like to contribute to either list, please contact us (it is customary to place a link back to the NetBSD site).

Please note: consultants are listed on this page at their own request, and are not rated or endorsed by The NetBSD Foundation, Inc., or any executive, director or member thereof.

Developers for hire

Sysadmins and systems integrators for hire

Developers for hire

Anna Simanova

Expertise: NetBSD and Linux administration / installation, programming, webdesign, consultation services
Availability: 24/7
Environments: remote or onsite within Czech Republic, remote within Europe.
Machine languages: PHP, Perl, MySQL, assembler programming, HTML
Spoken languages: English, Czech, Dutch and some German
Rates: depends on project
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2016/05/04

Cornerstone Service

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Expertise: Device drivers, some kernel, security, general userland
Availability: Varies.
Environments: Victoria, BC, & remote. Some travel OK.
Machine languages: C, scripting languages
Spoken languages: English
Rates (rough guide): Negotiable
Clients/Reference: Provided on request
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2007/09/29

Paul Goyette

Location: Lake County, CA USA
Expertise: Low-level kernel, device drivers, environmental sensors and monitoring
Availability: Any time
Environments: Remote only, no clients accepted from non-USA tax jurisdictions
Machine languages: C, x86 assembly, shell scripting
Spoken languages: English (also limited French, German, and Spanish)
Rates: Negotiable
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2015/09/24

Antti Kantee (Fixup Software Ltd)

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Expertise: Kernel and lowlevel userspace: development, debugging, troubleshooting, performance optimization
Machine languages: C, various assembly languages, shell, high level (python, etc.)
Spoken languages: English, Finnish
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2009/02/16

Perry Metzger (Metzger, Dowdeswell & Co.)

Location: New York, NY, USA
Expertise: Systems Security is usual gig, but will do most kinds of NetBSD related work.
Availability: Full time consultant, so usually available "soon".
Environments: No preferences, but prefer to avoid long term work outside New York except by telecommuting.
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2009/09/01


Contact: or
Location: Montreal, QC, CA and Ottawa, ON, CA
Expertise: Kernel hacking, Language-lawyering, OS-related work.
Environments: Telecommute, or onsite in Montreal/Ottawa
Machine languages: Primarily C. Competence in Lisp, PostScript, FORTRAN, assembly language for SPARC, VAX, 68k, MIPS, PPC, some x86; exposure to many others, can usually pick them up quickly.
Machine platforms: Numerous: Sun, x86, various DEC (notably Alpha, MIPS, VAX), DNARD, some PPC, exposure to many others.
Spoken languages: English, some French, a little Norwegian. Minimal exposure to German, Russian and Japanese.
Rates: Varies widely depending on project - $200/hr reasonable starting point for negotiations.
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2013/01/06

Planix, Inc.

Contact: , phone: +1 250 762-7675
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada (GTA)
Environments: Remote work preferred; on-site work in Kelowna, BC, Canada; temporary on-site work anywhere in the world
Availability: Call or e-mail
Expertise: 25+ years Unix/POSIX (especially NetBSD) systems (including kernel, drivers, etc.) programming, network and communications programming, systems and software integration (custom servers, etc.), network design and implementation, systems and network security, monitoring, firewalls, etc.
Computer Languages: C, AWK, Sh/Ksh, Lisp, Python, Smalltalk, assembler (various).
Spoken languages: English
Usual Rates: $150-375/hr + expenses, contract and project rates available, discounts given to prepaid retainers.
NetBSD CVS access: read-only + send-pr
Last Updated: 2011/04/26

Pierre Pronchery (Defora Networks GmbH)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Availability: Please e-mail for availability.
Environments: Flexible.
Machine languages: C/C++, assembly (x86, x86-64, some SPARC and ARM), scripting languages (sh, PHP, Python...), Go, or anything with a manual really.
Machine platforms: x86, x86-64, ARM, SPARC
Spoken languages: French, English, German, basic Spanish.
Rates: Please enquire.
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2023/01/18

Michael Richardson - Sandelman Software Works

Contact: , +1 613 276-6809
Expertise: IPsec, Network protocols, hardware interfacing, project specification, network ASIC consulting History as firewall vendor and system integrator. Experience with ASIC design flows (as device driver writer). Extensive experience with security protocols.
Availability: 2-4 days/month
Environments: Telework, Casual, can travel to Suitville
Spoken languages: English, French
Suggested Rates: Daily rates. Flat rates considered with good project specification
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2001/12/21

Wolfgang Solfrank

Location: Königswinter, Germany
Expertise: Kernel hacking, porting to new hardware, device drivers, debugging
Environments: Remote, casual on-site negotiable
Machine languages: C, Python, others, Assembly for various processors
Spoken languages: German, English
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2009/02/26

SOUM Corporation

Contact: Mail Only
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Expertise: Device Driver, Networking, IPv6, Firewalls, System integration, Server setup, Real-Time OS, X Window System, Grid System.
Machine languages: C, Perl, Shells, PowerPC Assembler, SH Assembler, MIPS Assembler, ARM Assembler
Machine platforms: PowerPC, SH, MIPS, ARM
Spoken languages: Japanese
Rates (rough guide): JPY15,000 per hour plus expenses depending on project.
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2009/09/09

Steuben Technologies

Contact: William Schaub , phone (607) 661-4431
Location: Hornell, NY, USA
Expertise: Custom software development, Remote systems administration, Legacy systems support/integration, Maintenance programming.
Availability: Available for any size project.
Environments: Remote, local projects, or anything that pays travel exp.
Machine languages: Perl, C, Tcl/tk, sh, Java, PL/pgSQL
Machine platforms: i386, sparc64, sparc, macppc, mac68k,VAX, RS/6000, MIPS
Spoken languages: English
Rates: $50 an hour (or monthly maintenance contracts).
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2009/08/29

Technologic Systems

Contact: Jesse Off
Location: Fountain Hills, AZ, US
Expertise: custom embedded ARM/x86 hardware design and manufacturing, embedded NetBSD/Linux and ARM kernel porting, embedded and real-time applications/device drivers.
Availability: depends on hardware or software work, email for info
Machine languages: C, C++, ARM or x86 ASM
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2004/12/07

Matt Thomas

Contact: or
Location: Cupertino, California, USA
Expertise: Board bringup, new architectures, networking, kernel, Network protocol design and development, device driver development, network security software development, H.323 (VoIP). Active IETF contributor (IPCOMP).
Availability: Varies depending on current workload
Environments: Casual. Telecommuting and local onsite preferred although travel is possible.
Machine languages: C, C++
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2009/08/30

os-cillation GmbH

Contact: Oliver Schweissgut
Location: Germany
Expertise: Systems/application programming, porting, server setup and administration, System integration, network security, project management
Machine languages: C, C++, Perl, php, Java
Machine platform: Intel, ARM, MIPS, HP9000, SPARC, PowerPC
Spoken languages: German, English
Environments: Own office
Usual rate: Negotiable
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2016/05/04

micro systems marc balmer

Contact: Marc Balmer OR
Location: Gipf-Oberfrick, Switzerland
Expertise: Software development, project management, consulting.
Machine languages: C, C++, Lua, Java, Python, Objective-C
Spoken languages: German, English, French
Usual rate: Please ask.
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2015/10/10

Adrian Steinmann (Webgroup Consulting Ltd)

Contact: or
URL: or
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Expertise: Custom Unix System Developement: Security and API Design and Implementation, Debugging, Troubleshooting
Machine languages: Perl, Shell, C, PostScript, Python, Forth, Lua, etc.
Spoken languages: English, German, Italian, French
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2013/09/15

Moritz Systems

Contact: Kamil Rytarowski or
Location: Warsaw and Krakow, Poland
Expertise: Software development in the UNIX environment; Kernel and Userland programming; with emphasis on security, efficiency, reliability and maintainability.
Machine languages: Assembly, C/C++, scripting languages
Spoken languages: Polish, English, French
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2020/03/04

Sysadmins and systems integrators for hire

Yannick Cadin

Location: Paris, FRANCE

Commercial organization specializing in system, service and application training on free *BSD systems (Open-, Net- and Free-), Linux (Red Hat RHCE/RHCX Certified trainers) and Mac OS X (ACSA certification pending). Direct service, partnership, subcontracting, intra & inter. Training "Useful & Agreable": study with alternating high-end courses and free-time activities according to season and location. Translation, proofreading and writing in French, English, German and Spanish.

Formations systeme, services et applications sur les *BSD libres (Open, Net et Free), Linux (certification Red Hat RHCE/RHCX) et Mac OS X. Prestation directe, partenariat, sous-traitance, intra et inter, partout dans le monde. Formations "Utile & Agreable" : vacances studieuses avec alternance de cours de haut niveau et de loisirs en fonction de la saison et la region d'accueil. Traduction, relecture et redaction en francais, anglais, allemand et espagnol.

Availability: Available anywhere in the world, all the time.
Environments: Remote and onsite support.
Machine Platform: x86, PowerMac, HP9000, SPARC, 68k.
Spoken languages: French, English, German and Spanish.
Usual rate: From 500 euros/day; discounts available.
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2016/05/04

Cornerstone Service

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Expertise: Firewalls, Cisco Networks, Email and Web Servers, DNS, Security, WAN/LAN implementations, Multi-OS networks, Hardware.
Availability: Varies
Environments: Remote and casual on-site.
Machine languages: C
Spoken languages: English
Rates: $80/hour (negotiable for large projects)
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2007/08/29

Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Expertise: Training and consulting for different Open Source systems including NetBSD.
Availability: Please contact by mail or call 01805 120 222 (from within Germany) or visit our website.
Environments: Remote within Germany.
Machine languages: Java, XML, SQL, PHP, Perl, MySQL, HTML
Spoken languages: English, German
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2016/05/04

Federico Lucifredi

Location: US/Europe
Expertise: Systems programming, server setup and administration, network security (firewalls, etc.), Network client/servers and application development in any Unix environment.
Availability: Please contact for availability.
Environments: On site by arrangement or remote (telecommute). Maintain own lab.
Machine languages: Any
Machine Platform: Intel, 68k, Alpha, MIPS, HP9000, SPARC. PowerPC can be arranged
Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian
Usual rate: $250/hour plus expenses, will also do fixed-bid projects
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2009/08/30

Ouellet Consulting Inc.

Contact: Dan Ouellet , +1-850-907-9757 (Tel), +1-850-510-6162 (Mobile)
Location: 7996 Grant Court, Talahassee, Florida, USA
Expertise: OCI specializes in systems/networks design, implementation and security solutions, including solutions meeting HIPPA requirements. We spec out, configure and support firewalls, proxy-arrays, servers, switches, mail systems, web servers, databases, etc. We are familiar with and support most Windows and Unix/Linux systems including NetBSD. We offer remote administration services worldwide, on all supported platforms. We plan and assist with mixed/virtual environments, plus Active Directory migrations.
Availability: 24/7/365 by contract.
Environments: World wide remote and on-site support.
Machine languages: C, C++, Fortran, Perl, HTML, XML, php, sql, Java, many more.
Machine platform: x86, x86-64 (AMD-64), SPARC, SPARC64, PPC.
Spoken languages: English and French.
Usual rate: See website for details.
Last Updated: 2016/05/04

Puget Sound Technology

Location: Marysville, Washington, USA
Expertise: Remote administration; system upgrades; OS and server migrations; and training.
On-going NetBSD workshops and classes provided in Seattle, Washington and other locations.
Availability: Available for any size project.
Environments: Remote and onsite support.
Machine languages: Perl, C, Shell, HTML. (Contact us.)
Usual rate: US$90 per hour; discounts available.
NetBSD CVS access: Yes
Last Updated: 2004/05/26


Contact: Saskia van Schagen
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Expertise: Server migrations, system management, webhosting, trouble-shooting, training, security, application development (unix, windows), network (router, firewall, DNS, Postfix, Apache, VPN, Samba, etc.)
Availability: Please contact for availability
Environments: Remote and on-site
Spoken languages: Dutch, English, German
Rates: Depend on project
NetBSD CVS access: No
Last Updated: 2016/05/04